Check it has been designed and created by Emmanuel CHOMARAT and Luc MOULIN, founders of the company Verifdiploma, which have developed 14 years graduate verification service online by creating a database in partnerships with institutions of higher education.

With a strong experience in the field of verification of information they wanted to develop new services, for new industries, new markets: Check it was born.


Check it is a global and international service which develops processes and technologies to ensure the security of your investments.
Overall due to the completeness of its benefits of checks applicable in many areas: recruitment, real estate, banking, insurance, telecommunications and automotive.
International because of its settlements and global coverage of its benefits of audits. We have branches with a local team in all regions of the world.
This positioning allows us to be closer to the problems of our customers and of knowing the specificities of different countries to propose an offer in perfect harmony with its environment.


When a sector represents a strong economic attractiveness (investment and profitability), concerning a multiplicity of actors and requires expertise in many complex areas, increased the risk generated.
The consequences of poor risk management are considerable.
In this context, it is imperative to secure all your efforts and investments.
Security is the combination of reliability and solvency of the actors in a market.
Check it is the guarantor of security in ensuring the reliability and solvency of your partners.


Our years of experience have enabled us to develop a vast network of contacts - institution, administration, governmental organization, University, company - and a knowledge of the procedures to follow for reliable verification as soon as possible.
We know who to contact and how to contact it to provide you with accurate and certified information.

Become a partner

Check-it is looking for partners with a service, know-how and/or technology offering a synergy with our services in order to bring real value added to our customers: institution, administration, school, business, software publisher, agent commercial, association, investor.

Our Partners
  • "The ANDRH (National Association of human resource managers) is an association of 5000 practitioners who are advancing the human resources function in enterprises. The distribution of its members in 80 local groups and regional unions allows him to cover the whole of the national territory."

  • "The Conference of the Grandes écoles (CGE) is an association of Grandes Ecoles of engineering, management and high education, recognized by the State. Bringing together 216 schools including a dozen abroad, it has created label Mastère spécialisé, sending more than 500 training since 1986."

  • "The CNCP is the National Commission for Professional Certification."Mission is to list qualifications on offer in the NCPR (national Repertory of professional certifications) and to ensure l'adaptation of the diplomy titles and to l'professional environment."

  • "The EFMD, European Foundation For Management Development, based in Brussels is a forum for research on innovation and information and practices in management. The EFMD brings together 400 members in 40 countries: companies, universities, schools, public services. "The EFMD awards since 1997 l'' EQUIS accreditation."