Services de vérification de dossiers

Solvency of the company

In a dynamic economic environment composed of a multiplicity of actors in the complex and varied profiles, it is important to ensure the solvency of its partners.

Check it offers to banks, organizations of credits, insurance, brokers and professionals of the real estate as well as the owners, the solvency verification service in ensuring the authenticity of the parts supplied by the person concerned.

Check it allows you to turn a threat into an asset.


  • Balance sheet

    The balance sheet is a summary of the financial situation of an undertaking: business, debt, expenses, fixed asset turnover.

    A precise analysis of the balance must be carried out before work or to lend money to a company.

    This is also essential for the choice of a supplier or partner to determine its reliability.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of a balance sheet
    • the authenticity of a balance sheet
  • Void cheque

    The cancelled cheque is used to verify that an individual is not prohibited banking at the Bank of France. It is therefore necessary to ensure the validity of the cheque to determine the creditworthiness of an individual.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of a cancelled cheque
    • the authenticity of a cancelled cheque
  • Identity

    Identity verification is required in order to establish a genuine relationship of trust with someone. Check it verifies the identity of an individual, his addresses passed and his family situation. We check if people are those what they claim to be.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the ID (national identity card, passport, residence permit)
    • the proof of address
    • email address
    • the family booklet
  • Record of credits

    The credits file provides information on the level of debt of an individual
    It is an important indicator in order to know the solvency and reliability of your future partners.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the credits of an individual folder
  • K-BIS - proof

    There is fraud to send invoices to a fictitious company and thus to adapt its amount. It is therefore vital for clients to check the KBIS which is the only official document proving the legal existence of a company.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of a K-BIS
    • the authenticity of a K-BIS
  • RIB

    The RIB contains all the information relating to a bank account. It allows a beneficiary to debit the account of a third person (client or tenant). It is also very useful in proceedings of recovery or the posting of a bond. This is why it is essential to check the authenticity of a RIB.

    Check it checks for you:

    • authenticity of a RIB
  • Professional insurance

    Toute entreprise exerçant une activité doit être titulaire des assurances professionnelles prévues par la loi. Pour certaines activités, des assurances spécifiques doivent être souscrites.
    Il est obligatoire de vérifier qu’une entreprise (prestataire, fournisseur, constructeur) possède toutes les assurances nécessaires avant de s’engager avec elle.

    Check it vérifie pour vous :

    • la conformité des assurances professionnelles
    • l’authenticité des assurances professionnelles