Services de vérification de dossiers

History of a car

Buying a used car can reveal surprises.

The risks are multiple : stolen cars, costly repairs, hidden malfunctions that could put your life in danger.

Check it puts at disposal of the sellers and buyers of used cars all vehicles history.


  • Identity of a vehicle

    Before buying a used vehicle, it is mandatory to perform a check to make sure that the presented car corresponds to the documents and that it is not declared stolen or pledged.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of the vehicle
    • file of stolen vehicles
    • certificate of non gage
  • Mileage

    The mileage is one of the main elements for determining the value of a vehicle.
    Modification of the mileage is part of the most common frauds.
    This is why it is essential to check this data before any purchase of a used car.

    Check it checks for you:

    • The mileage of a vehicle
  • Specs of a vehicle

    The sheet is the identification of a vehicle.

    Check it checks for you:

    • Technical specifications
  • Reference checks

    Past experiences are crucial for assessing the reliability of an individual. They assure you that the person has the skills to fulfill its mission. This is why it is important to make sure that your candidate statements are valid.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the title of the post
    • the dates and duration of a job
    • the holes of dates in a CV
    • the wage
    • the type of contract
    • the place of the position in the organization chart
    • the size of the team
    • the content of the post
    • reason for leaving