Services de vérification de dossiers

Reliability of Construction companies

The success of development projects, renovation and construction depends on the seriousness of the committed company.

Indeed, the risks are many: delay, workmanship, filing for bankruptcy, lack of insurance, undeclared worker.Therefore, investors should secure their choice leading in-depth research on companies envisaged in order to ensure that they have the ability to complete their project.
Check it offers a service of verification of reliability and solvency of companies.
The legal situation of the undertaking, its financial health and its references are controlled to ensure the best result.
Protection against illegal work because your liability may be determined.”


  • Identity

    La vérification d’identité est nécessaire afin d’établir une véritable relation de confiance avec une personne. Check it vérifie l’identité d’un individu, ses adresses passées ainsi que sa situation familiale. Nous vérifions si les personnes sont bien celles qu’elles prétendent être.

    Check it vérifie pour vous :

    • la pièce d’identité (carte d’identité nationale, passeport, titre de séjour)
    • le justificatif de domicile
    • l’adresse email
    • le livret de famille
  • Professional insurance

    Any business engaged must be holder of the professional insurance prescribed by law. For certain activities, specific insurance must be subscribed.It is necessary to check that a company (provider, supplier, constructor) method assurances necessary before engaging with it.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of the professional insurance
    • the authenticity of the professional insurance