Services de vérification de dossiers

Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance fraud are multiples: lack of driving licence, claims, xxxxx, malus.

This is why it is necessary for insurers to be able to guarantee the reliability of customers and thus reduce the risks.
Check it deals with the verification of  all essential documents for your payment file.


  • Identity

    Identity verification is required in order to establish a genuine relationship of trust with someone. Check it verifies the identity of an individual, his addresses passed and his family situation. We check if people are those what they claim to be.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the ID (national identity card, passport, residence permit)
    • the proof of address
    • email address
    • the family booklet
  • Proof of address

    The supporting statement allows to know the address of the place of residence of a person.
    As part of your business, it is essential to know the address of your particular customers.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the authenticity of proof of address
  • RIB

    The RIB contains all the information relating to a bank account. It allows a beneficiary to debit the account of a third person (client or tenant). It is also very useful in proceedings of recovery or the posting of a bond. This is why it is essential to check the authenticity of a RIB.

    Check it checks for you:

    • authenticity of a RIB
  • Salary

    The wage is crucial to assess the creditworthiness of an individual. It allows to assess the capabilities of repayment and set the rate of indebtedness of a borrower.
    It also shows the seniority of an employee and position in the company.
    This document is systematically presentdans the records of bank credit or leasing d ‘ shelter..
    Verification of a salary is also very useful in the field of recruitment to determine the level of remuneration of your next employee.

    Check it allows you to check:

    • The conformity of a pay sheet
    • The authenticity of a pay sheet
  • Identity of a vehicle

    Before buying a used vehicle, it is mandatory to perform a check to make sure that the presented car corresponds to the documents and that it is not declared stolen or pledged.

    Check it checks for you:

    • the conformity of the vehicle
    • file of stolen vehicles
    • certificate of non gage